Break Through
Writer's Block

Write the Damn Dissertation

Make progress on your dissertation with these five pivotal shifts. If you leave the masterclass and implement any one of these five shifts, you will make progress.

In This Masterclass You Will Learn

The key to what is holding you back

and how you can start making progress immediately.

How to write through confusion

even when you aren't sure exactly where your concept is going.

The #1 productivity hack

that will change your life and work forever.

40% of the actions
we take

are not due to conscious decisions (but something else instead).

Not sure it will be worth the time?

This masterclass was designed with working women in mind. Women who are juggling multiple competing priorities (kids, career, life, home) while also trying to get this dissertation DONE.

The secrets I am going to teach you in this masterclass will go beyond the technical aspect of writing the dissertation. I'm going to share productivity secrets that will give you time back, and provide a holistic approach to dissertation life that will leave you feeling refreshed and confident. The dissertation does NOT have to suck the life out of you.

Whether you are battling burnout, lack of motivation, if you are feeling isolated, or just needing to get re-engaged in your research, join me in my masterclass.

Girl, You've Totally Got This!
Big Love,

Who is this chick?

Hello, Beautiful. I'm Amy! 👋🏼

I created Write the Damn Dissertation for women like me... women juggling multiple competing priorities, while also evolving into the next level of themselves through the PhD journey, but I couldn't find when I was writing my own doctoral dissertation.

Since 2018 I have helped over 3000 doc students make progress on their dissertations through my 5 and 7-day writing challenges, my paid program, and through one on one coaching.

I don't subscribe to the belief that writing the doctoral dissertation has to suck the LIFE out of you, that you should put the rest of your life on "hold" until it is done, that you should navigate the journey all on your own, and that it is all part of the "experience".

I call bullshit on that... all of it.

I’ve been an educator and coach for over 20 years, and have tied in my passion for teaching and as a national education leader, to create a coaching practice centered around helping high achieving women with imposter syndrome and perfectionism, silence the inner critic, and take consistent action to finish.

Let's do this.

💖 Amy 

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